Speaker Profile: Laura Elkaslassy

LAURA ELKASLASSY Profit First Professional & Serial Entrepreneur Laura’s mission is to ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners understand what is happening in their business for two powerful reasons. So that they can pay themselves, build a sustainable business, and make a profit. So simple, so important, and yet so often overlooked. As a Profit…

Start-Up Business Accelerator

Start-Up Business Accelerator The best investment you can make when starting or building a business A profit program for service-based small business owners and entrepreneurs  Now is the time to give your entrepreneurship the very best chance of thriving. No, I am not talking about a website or a logo or expensive ‘how to’ programs…

Laura has supported, guided & worked with me on both of my businesses. She has a unique skill set – the ability to coach you through the mindset side of money (the blocks and resistance), the expertise to provide advice on bookkeeping and money management, and the wisdom to find creative solutions to everything! Laura is kind and gracious but won’t let you get away with avoiding the difficult things! I want her on my team forever!

mitle southey
Mitle Southey, Circle Holder

Rethink your Business Workbook CU2

Rethink Your Business: How To Be Bigger, Better And Different

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs can be relied upon to do, it’s overthink. We excel at it. Once we have a business idea, the cogs start turning, and there’s no stopping them. We…. Think things through. Plan everything out. Have another idea. Wander off on a tangent. Come back to the original plan. Plan some…